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Flag Poles & Parts

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Buy quality Flag Poles at theflagshop.co.uk

At the Flag Shop, we stock flag poles for sale that allow you to fly your flag with pride whereever you are. With our selection of different flag poles, you can find one that suits your needs and budget. We have a choice of hand flag poles, telescopic and pocket poles,  wall mounted poles, as well as a telescopic pole bag. With our simple online search function, you can quickly and easily find flag types, pole sizes and materials, in addition to choosing a suitable price. Our cheap flag poles are made of a sturdy aluminium or glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction, which makes them durable and long lasting.

Our goal is to delivery quality products you will like at prices you will love. Our flag poles for sale via our website are great value with no hidden costs. Not to mention, we offer free delivery within the United Kingdom. We also deliver worldwide and aim to dispatch orders within 48 hours. If you have any queries, the UK Flag Shop team are always on hand to help and can be easily contacted through email and telephone.

With our great value hand flag poles, you can wave your national flag at parades or events and create an exciting atmosphere. Each hand flag pole is made of a lightweight and durable aluminium with a sturdy rubber handle, which allows you to raise it above your head and wave around easily.  This pole is 30 inches (76cm) in length and with a telescopic design, the hand flag pole extends to 70 inches (178cm). It also has a diameter of approximately one inch (25cm) and is finished with a silver finial ball on the tip.

If you are looking for a way to display your flags, our telescopic flag poles are perfect for flying them high and proud. With sections to expand and retract, our telescopic flag poles are available in 4 and 5 metre lengths with a stored length of 1.15 metres and are quick and easy to assemble. They are made of a lightweight yet robust GRP construction with a solid glass fibre final section to increase the durability. This makes these telescopic flag poles great for flying flags, windsocks and spinners. Our poles are simple to fix to the ground by unscrewing the pole end cap and placing it over a sturdy stick or why not use our pole stakes that are great for the job.

The Flag Shop also stocks a telescopic pocket pole for when you need to conserve space. Our 2.7 metre telescopic pocket pole is made to the same high standard as our standard telescopic display poles, yet folds down small enough to fit in any rucksack, bag or vehicle. They are made with GRP, which makes them lightweight and durable to transport around with a stored length of 41cm. So, whether you are flying flags at a festival or displaying windsocks or spinners at an event, our telescopic pocket poles make transportation easy and occasions enjoyable. Simply extend the pocket pole and attach your flag.

With our telescopic pole bag you can store your telescopic pole and make sure it stays in good condition for future use. It is made of a heavy duty nylon material and measures 125cm, which protects your telescopic pole and ground stakes. It also has a fastener that tightens to ensure it cannot fall out.

Flag poles for sale at the Flag Shop include our wall mounted flag pole, which allows you to fly your national flag outside of your home or at events and parties. The flag pole is made from aluminium, which makes it lightweight yet durable for outside use, measuring 183cm in length when it is fully extended. It is fully adjustable through 180 degrees with two clips for attaching flags with eyelets and a gold finial ball on top to add the finishing touches. The pole also contains a ‘never furl’ device, which prevents the flag wrapping around the pole and keeps your flag flying free all day long.

As the country’s top stockists of quality flags, why not have a look at our large and varied collection of flags? From national and football flags to event and custom printed flags, we have something for everyone.

At the Flag Shop, we raise the standard with our quality flag poles for sale.