Gay Pride Flags

At the Flag Shop, we want to have a flag for everyone; that is why we supply a range of LGBT friendly flags to represent all of the community! From the much-loved rainbow flag to the Intersex and Asexual flag, there is a diverse selection available online to make sure everyone can choose one that represents them best. Browse through our gay pride flags today to have the perfect one for events and celebrations around the country!

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  1. LGBT table flag
    Rainbow Gay Pride Table Flag Budget
  2. Custom Progress Pride flag
    Custom Progress Pride Flag
    Price Low as: £24.95
  3. Transgender Table Flag
    Transgender Table Flag Budget
  4. LGBT Triangular Bunting
    Rainbow LGBT Triangular Bunting
    Price Low as: £8.95
  5. LGBT Bunting
    Gay Pride (Rainbow) Bunting
  6. Pansexual Table Flag
    Pansexual Table Flag Budget
  7. Asexual Table Flag
    Asexual Table Flag Budget
  8. Custom BDSM Flag
    Custom BDSM Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  9. Bi Pride Table Flag
    Bi Pride Table Flag Budget
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A great way to join in with Pride celebrations throughout the year is by choosing our Rainbow Gay Pride 8ft x 5ft Flag. This features the famous design by San Francisco artist, Gilbert Baker, with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colours. What at a great diverse flag to show your support for the LGBT community! This design is printed on quality and durable polyester material and has two eyelets for hanging up high on a flagpole. We also have the Union Jack Rainbow 5ft x 3ft Flag, which features the rainbow flag with a white outline of the Union flag. This has vivid colours printed onto polyester to make sure you stand out from the crowd. What’s more, to decorate your home, check out our amazing Rainbow LGBT Triangular Bunting. This is a great way to make a colourful pride display, with the rainbow flag printed on each triangular pennant. We have two sizes; five metres with 12 pennants and twenty metres with 54 pennants. This will look great if you are having a party or want to decorate the front of your home for Pride celebrations.

If you are attending the Trans March or another LGBT event this year, why not show your pride with a Transgender Hand Waving Flag? This features the blue, pink and white flag design printed on polyester material, attached to a sturdy wooden stick. Now everyone can join in the fun! The Transgender 5ft x 3ft Flag is perfect for hanging from a flagpole. The transgender flag is printed with vivid colours on quality polyester and there are two brass eyelets for flying high. In addition, the Transgender Bunting is great to decorate fencing and even the inside of your home. This features the eye-catching transgender design on each flag on lengths of three or six metres. This means you can have 10 flags or 30 flags, depending on the length that you choose. What a great way to brighten up your home with a supporting message!

Our range of table flags are also great for events and creating colourful and inclusive displays. The Pansexual Table Budget Flag features the pink, yellow and blue pansexual design on a six by four inch flag. This sits proudly on a plastic stick and black base, which is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and make everyone feel welcome. The Asexual Table Budget Flag will also make sure everyone is represented, with the black, grey, white and purple design on a six by four inch polyester flag. This is also supplied with a plastic stick and base for events or even as a personal desk decoration. In addition, we also have a Transgender Table Satin Flag. This made from 100 per cent satin, which makes it soft and silky, as well as a colourful display. The pole and stand are made from a shiny chrome and the pole is also extendable up to 18 inches. This means you can position your flag from any height between 10 and 18 inches.

Show your support at LGBT events and for Pride with our quality flags from the Flag Shop. As your number one supplier of superior flags for every occasion, you know you can trust the Flag Shop.