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Buy Flags and Bunting online today from The Flag Shop

The Flag Shop is a leading online retailer of quality flags, offering a whole host of superb flags in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes and styles. Buy flags including world flags, UK flags, LGBT flags, custom festival flags, custom flags and Celebrations & Events flags from The Flag Shop now.

Let’s start with world flags; The Flag Shop sells a huge range of polyester and nylon world flags available, ranging from Afghanistan all the way to Zimbabwe. Whether you’re looking to buy a flag, buy bunting or buy table flags, you’ll find a huge selection available. You can buy flags in a range of varying sizes, including small 3ft x 2ft flags, 5ft x 3ft flags and 8ft x 5ft giant flags. From America to Australia, Canada to Africa, you won’t be disappointed by the huge range of world flags for sale at The Flag Shop!

As well as world flags, you can also buy UK flags, including country and county flags. Flags of the UK, from the St Andrew’s Saltire to the St George’s Cross, counties from Lancashire to Lanarkshire as well as Jersey, the Isle of Man and all other countries and areas in and around the UK - you can buy all of these UK flags to suit at The Flag Shop. It’s not just the UK you can buy flags for, we also sell a range of American state flags, as well as the Canadian provinces. That’s how wide we range!

On top of flags to represent areas, you can also buy flags for all events and occasions; Gay Pride, LGBT Identity & Rainbow flags and bunting, pirate flags and football flags are amongst the most popular flags for sale at The Flag Shop. However if you’re planning a special event, you can buy custom flags from us in a range of shapes, including teardrop flags, portrait flags and teardrop flags, ideal for advertising and supporting.

No matter what flag you need, you’ll find it at The Flag Shop. You can also buy bunting, table flags, car flags and hand waving flags from us, perfect for all kinds of occasions. No matter what you buy bunting and flags for, you won’t be disappointed by the amazing quality of each and every flag for sale at The Flag Shop.

UK, Eire & County Flags

The British Union Jack flag is available to buy online here at The Flag Shop. We stock an extensive selection of flags of the UK - British National flags - in our online store, from the England St George flag, the St Andrew Saltire of Scotland to the Welsh Dragon and the Northern Ireland flag! Also in store we have Eire’s Ireland County and English County flags, a selection of Wales designs including the Owain Glyndwr banner, and the Lion Rampant Scottish flag.

Europe Flags

Buy your European flags online here from our wide range of all the Europe flags, including the France, Spanish and Greek, Italy, Swedish and Germany flag. Also available you can purchase the official EU Europe flags. With all 27 countries of the European Union plus non-EU flags of Europe always in stock, including the countries Norway, Austria, Portugal and Poland, Switzerland and the Belgium flag, look no further than here!

World Flags

World flags for every country available to buy online in our World Flag Shop department. We have a huge range of country flags in stock from all continents, including Asian China, the Australasian Australia, the African flags of Ghana and South Africa, the South American flag of Mexico and Brazil, US, Canadian plus loads more flags of the world . Also available are world flag bunting, country hand wavers and table flag designs.

Upcoming Events

Next year will no doubt be dominated by the biggest sporting event in the calendar of the nation’s favourite sport – Euro 2024! And to say England expects is an understatement, with Gareth Southgate’s men going so close in Euro 2020 and being one of the favourites to win. At The Flag Shop we have a great range of Euro 2024 flags and bunting to help you get into the spirit. And let’s not forget, the World Cup in 2026 is not that far away!

February & March 2024 will see Six Nations Rugby, so get your Six Nations flags here! The always-fun St Patrick's Day follows, then July will bring the ever popular USA Independence Day celebrations, with Black Country Day to follow. Manchester Pride is one of the most celebrated events on the calendar, with loads of colourful flags to display including the very popular Monica Helms Transgender flag and Rainbow flags.

Summer 2024 sees the fabulous spectacle that is the Olympic Games, held in Paris this time round. Team GB will be expected to perform very well, following their strong performance in this year’s 2023 World Championships in Budapest and you can support them or your chosen nation with our national flags!

Special Events

We have flags for every occasion here at The Flag Shop. Whether you are looking for an Australian flag for an Australia Day party, a selection of European flags for the Six Nations 2024 competition, or a range of World flag bunting for international events, The Flag Shop has it all. From sporting events such as Euro 2024 or World Cup 2026, to celebrations including St George's Day, St Andrew's Day, Black Country Day and Armed Forces Day, The Flag Shop is the place to purchase your flags.

Festival Flags

The festival scene in the UK has never been more vibrant, and of course,  The Flag Shop has you covered!

Glastonbury 2024 will be the behemoth that dominates the festival season of course, as speculation already starts to build as to who will headline and appear! But don’t forget the ever-increasing range of other great festivals such as Reading & Leeds, the Download festival in Derbyshire, Creamfields in Cheshire, the Latitude festival in Suffolk and London’s Wireless to name just some.

If you want to stand out and make your presence felt at these great get-togethers, then look no further! The Flag Shop has a range of amazing custom festival flags that will enable you to personalise your chosen design so that you make an impact for the acts and the tv cameras, but also crucially our handy telescopic festival flag poles will help make your hoisted flag an invaluable recognised meeting point!

Custom Flags

Design your own flag to any size with unlimited colours using our great custom flag editing feature. Whether it's a corporate logo, team colours or wanting to wish a loved one happy birthday, we can make it for you. Our custom flags are made from hard wearing 115gsm knitted polyester with your selection of fixings. Also available are custom printed feather & teardrop flags, plus fantastic promotional paper hand flags.

Halloween Flags

Fancy some spookily-scary Halloween flags and brooding bunting? We’ve got what you need!

Halloween is undoubtedly the most frightful and eerie time of year. And what could be more perfect than adding some festive flags to your celebrations? Whether you're taking the little ones out for treats or hosting a spooky bash, the Flag Shop has everything you need to make it a memorable Halloween for all.

Oktoberfest Flags

The great Munich beer festival only gets more and more popular! Check out our range of cool Oktoberfest flags and bunting! Our collection includes an impressive variety of Bavarian flags, ensuring you are prepared for the world's biggest folk festival. These flags will also complement your lederhosen perfectly. Explore our range of vibrant German flags, authentic Oktoberfest flags, and eye-catching beer flags - we have it all in stock.

Windsocks & Spinners

Windsocks & spinners are available to buy online at The Flag Shop. If you are looking to create an impressive display then why not try one of our great wind spinners? All our wind socks are great value for money and are sure to wow when used with one of our range of telescopic flag poles.

USA Flags

The Flag Shop has a wide range of US flag designs, including a selection of Confederate flags in different styles, all of the states including California and Florida, historical American flags such as the Culpepper flag and First Navy jack (Don’t Tread On Me), plus old designs of the American flag including the Star Spangled Banner and Grand Union. If you are looking for a flag of America, look no further than The Flag Shop.

Pirate Flags

Pirate flags are available to buy online at The Flag Shop! Choose from our massive selection of Pirate flags including the Skull and Crossbones, available in sizes three feet, five feet or a massive eight feet, pirate flag bunting measuring six metres with twenty flags, and hand flags. Other pirate flags available include Jack Rackham, the Jolly Roger, Skull with Scarf pirates flags, Time Flies When You’re Having Rum and The Beatings Will Continue pirates flag. Also available we now have a great pink skull flag.

Military & Army Flags

War flags past and present are available at The Flag Shop. We have a great range of military flags available to buy online including the Ensign of the RAF and British Royal Navy flag, available in sizes three feet, five feet and eight feet. Also available a great range of historical flags, including historical ensigns and Royal Banners, and US military including the US Army flag and US Air Force flags. A small range of our military designs are also available as bunting and hand wavers.

Other Flags

Loads of other flags are available to buy also! Choose from a great selection of Gay Pride, Chequered, Celebration, including Easter, Birthday, Christmas and New Year flags, plain unprinted and Patriotic flags. We also have a great range of novelty and fun flags including sale, welcome and open flags. Also available are iconic flags depicting Bob Marley, Che Guevara and Anarchy flags in black and red, to name just a few!

Nylon Flags

Looking for a more hard wearing flag? Nylon flags are hard wearing outdoor flags made from 210 denier fabric, (148g/m2). If you are looking for an outdoor flag for long term use, these super value flags are dye printed which makes them colourfast, and are double stitched all around with four rows of stitching on the fly. Each hanging flag comes complete with two brass eyelets / grommets for hanging from a flagpole. Included in this great range of outside flags are the Union Jack, Scotland and a nylon US flag. The Flag Shop is the  only place you’ll need  to buy your outdoor flags!